Acquiring wealth without money

Plant your ideas and nurture it till it grows into an extremely large tree whose root can prevail always over the test of time.

True wealth belongs to those who are ready to use what they have in hand, those who cease every chance and create an opportunity from it, those whose world is not fashioned on blame games nor complains. To these people life tends to bend in their favour and other seems to count it as luck but it is far more than mere luck, they have mastered the act of living life in a way that looks magical but real.

Humans are the greatest being to walk on this planet, the skills and knowledge given to us by the creator is so vast beyond comprehension. We are fashioned above every other creature on earth and that means we are not here by mistake. Generally, we tend to depend on money as the only source to acquire wealth or as some may say, without money they are nothing.

I have been on this planet long enough too realise that idea rules the world. A single idea birthed and nurtured can become the sole and primary resource for a new creation. Funny enough the use of money as currency, was as a result of idea which became an entity in various forms, colours and designs. Therefore, this ruled money out as the source of wealth. From the cloth we wear to the shoe on our feet, it is all because of someone’s idea which became a reality.

What you have in your and is eough to start
One of the best question I came across in the bible was found in Exodus 4:2(NIV): Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied.

Many at times we go about in search for what we don’t have and we search through hills and mountains asking how on earth can we acquire riches? Taking the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others like them, there is something these men share in common, the ability to create an idea from their mind and therefore work towards turning their ideas into reality. A reality we see today as Microsoft, a reality we enjoy today as facebook, a reality we surf through as amazon, that is the reality they created for us today. It’s not about the money they get but the importance is in what they offer the world we all live in.

The richest people are not those rich in money but those rich in ideas

True riches and wealth lies within us all, but first we must be ready to answer the question, what do you have right now in your hand? Before we start searching for things we will never find, let’s sit back and ask these;
what do we have right now?
• what kind of skills do we possess?
• what ideas can we work on?
• what can you identify as your talent?

Once you are ready to find answers to these questions, then you must proceed by developing each skills, talents, knowledge and ideas, one step at a time, be persistent, work hard and work smart, let focus be your head lamp until you turn your idea into a reality. From your talent and skills, create an idea which will make a difference from what already has been.

Idea is the key to opening the castle of wealth.

The truth of the matter is; I am tired of hearing that youth are the leaders of tomorrow, because now to be a leader it’s no more just your degree, not your certificates and papers as such, but it’s in;
the ability to be creative, 
• the ability to be productive
• the ability to create and idea 
• ability to face a responsibility as it comes and not run from it
• the ability to run through fire without fearing being burnt
• the see next opportunity in every blockage
• the ability to find a sense in every nonsense

Your richness in these will make you stand out and through these principles, life will bow for you.

To be gullible is as dangerous as diving into an ocean without knowing how to swim.

Finally, dear friends here are what you must work on;
Pray always in faith,
 Acquire knowledge in every way you can,
 Develop yourself in the best way you can,
 Don’t just sit around blaming situation and time or circumstances.
 Focus on things you do best and develop it,
 Don’t listen to traitors who say you can’t,
 Use every possible materials and resources you have right now,
 Learn the value of multiplication,
 Understand failing is the pathway to success,
 Quit comparing yourself with others,

While you were busy clubbing and having fun, I was busy working and setting my goals right. When I became successful you told me it’s luck, no my friend it’s a result of smart and hard work.

Work hard but smart,
 Laziness is never an option for great minds,
 Do not relent no matter the situation,
 Believe in yourself always and always believe in yourself,
 Make sure your ideas are as unique as you.

When you put yourself to action; situation, time and circumstances will bow at your feet.