After 6 great years working on open access compliance for the community, we’re sad to say that we’re closing down our Lantern service. You can read about the history of the development of the service here. It provided librarians and research offices with a convenient, user-friendly way to bulk-check the most important OA compliance metrics they are being asked to report on to their institutions, funders and government.

We’ve been offering this as a free service since 2014, supported directly by Cottage Labs along with a small number of paying customers. Unfortunately the funds to support a free service are no longer sufficient, and we have taken the hard decision to take the service down.

Over the years we have had two hundred user accounts created by institutions and individuals all over the world, and processed over 4 million identifiers to get their OA metrics.

If you were a Lantern user, and still have need of any of its functionality, please do get in touch and we’ll see if we can help you get the answers you need.

In the mean time, other exciting things are brewing at Cottage Labs which you’ll hear about when the time is right. We have a number of interesting projects ongoing or in the pipeline, and strategic partnerships that will help us continue to deliver value to our sector in support of open access, open science and open source.

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Open source services, development, consultancy, and analysis around research, education, and libraries.

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