Indian Designer Kurtis Glamour Blended With Elegance

Fashion is the word that is closely associated with women. There are variety of designer women wears available in the market but none can match the elegance and versatility provided by designer kurtis. Apart from giving an elegant, graceful look to the women, kurtis also enhance their feminine glamour.

In fact there are many things that make kurtis the best choice for women:


No other designer modern dress can offer the comfort level as provided by kurtis. To look modern, one can wear a skimpy skirt that understandably hampers the natural movements while also giving a vulgar look. Because of their regular look Jeans cannot be called designer wear. But Kurtis, because of their high level of elegance and modern, chic enhance your appearance and give you a modern look. They are also easy to wear and comfortable to manage while you are walking, sitting or dancing on latest music.

The Most Decent Way to Highlight Your Curves

In fact wearing kurtis is the best way to highlight your feminine curves without any skin show. If you are blessed with the ideal, curvy body then you can consider wearing Anarkali that not only adds added elegance to your figure but also helps you to proudly highlight the curvaceous parts of your body like chiseled waist. Can you ever think of highlighting your curves wearing western designer wear? Even if you can, it will look more vulgar than glamorous.

Suitable for Every Occasion

Another feature of kurtis is that they can be worn on to multiple occasions. For traditional functions like festivals or auspicious thread ceremony you can wear simple, elegant straight kurtis complemented with traditional jewelry while for a chic event like college festival you can opt for the modern, Thigh length kirtis that have perfect western appearance.

However there are certain things that you need to consider while choosing the right kurti for you:

1. If you are very tall then avoid wearing short kurtis as they will highlight your height. You can go for ankle length anarkalis or Pakistani kurtis.

2. For those with petite structure wearing knee length kurtis is highly advisable as they will give you a general look without highlighting your short structure

3. If you want to attend the functions that require you to sweat heavily (Bollywood Dance on College Fest, Anyone?) then Designer Cotton Kurtis India would be the best pick for you as they give your skin the required breathing space.

4. Make sure that you wear the right kind of footwear to complement your kurti. Wearing flats on Pakistani ankle length kurtis would not look great while wearing high heels on short kurtis would not be recommendable. A rule of the thumb to follow here is: longer the kurti higher the heel.

5. Many women ignore the health issues while wearing kurti. That is a wrong practice. In fact you should be very concerned about your skin health. Wearing georgette or nylon kurtis even f they irritate your skin, just because of their fashionable looks is not a sane thing to do. Always consider your skin health while wearing a kurti for any occasion. In most of the cases cotton kurti are considered the best because of their skin-friendly nature.

There are many designer cotton kurtis in India. But one should consider 3 things while choosing the kurti for her: fashion, comfort and occasion. For instance, a short kurti would look nice on petite women but it will not suit tall women. So you need to be highly careful while wearing the kurti on any occasion to look your best.