Creating Multiple Channels

Collect, Curate, Share

So you’ve heard about the option to create multiple channels on Coub, but how does it actually work?

Click the “Create New Channel” Button

Find it by clicking the triangular button beside your profile pic, at the top-right of the screen:

Name your channel and choose a URL

Give your channel a name. If you want to attract a large audience, try to give it a name that lets people know what the channel’s all about. By default, the URL (web address) of your channel will be the same as your channel’s name. Change it if you want.

Choose a profile pic and cover photo

Try to pick some images that are relevant to the topic of your channel. The channel pictured below is dedicated to — you guessed it—bikes. We’ve chosen the most kick-ass high-res pics we could find. You can also use a HD coub for your cover.

Start liking and recoubing

Now you’re ready to start bringing content to your channel. No matter which channel you are logged into, you will always have the option of recoubing to your other channels.

Click the recoub button and you’ll see a list of all your channels. You can recoub to as many channels as you want.

Click the recoub button and you’ll see a list of all your channels. For example, if you see a coub that makes you LOL, send it to your Funny Stuff channel. You see a cool coub with bikes, send it to your Bikes channel.

On the other hand, if you click like, the coub will be liked by the channel that you’re logged into. But don’t worry: when you log into a different channel, the page doesn’t reload. So it’s just a matter of clicking the triangular button again, picking your channel, and then clicking like.

One last thing and we’re done

No matter what channel you’re logged into, you can change the author of any of your coubs. Click the settings button at the bottom right of your coub (just below the recoub button). Then choose Edit info.

You’ll be given a list of all your channels. Simply choose the channel you’d like to have credited as the creator, and it’s done. And don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your precious likes and recoubs.