Couchbase Mobile 1.3 is now GA

I’m excited to announce the release of Couchbase Mobile 1.3, which is now available for download.

Couchbase Mobile is the complete NoSQL database solution for all data storage, access, sync, and security across the entire application stack.

With 1.3, we focused on building features that will make your apps faster and more efficient, and make your life easier as developers.

Release highlights include:

Support for OpenID Connect

  • Log in to Sync Gateway using a third-party identity provider
  • Authenticate users with providers that implement OpenID Connect (e.g. Google+, PayPal, Yahoo, Active Directory, etc.)

Document Expiration (TTL)

  • Give documents in your local database an expiration time
  • Automatically clean up your database for short-lived documents

SG Replicate

  • Integrated support for Sync Gateway-to-Sync Gateway replication
  • Allows deployment configurations for tree and other non-star topologies

SGCollect Info

  • Get detailed statistics for Sync Gateway with the new command line utility called sgcollect_info

Download Couchbase Mobile 1.3 today
Read the Couchbase Mobile 1.3 release notes for Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite
Visit the Couchbase Mobile Developer Portal

written by: Ali LeClerc of Couchbase