Positive Review
 You walk into the library, through the learning center, and to Zoe’s Bagels. Zoe’s Bagels is the perfect place for anyone to do anything because it can become anything you want it to be. Zoe’s is a place for writers, bagel lovers, and friends who just want to hangout.
 If there is one thing to love at Zoe’s it is the bagels. There is an endless amount of options to choose from types of bagels to combinations of bagels. If you are not hungry for a bagel you can get coffee or, my favorite, Italian sodas. Zoe’s takes on the atmosphere of a coffee shop or café depending on the person. For the most part, the employees are quick at getting people’s drinks and bagels done fast; which is perfect when you are in a run or taking a quick study break. If you are not in a run you can take your food to a table and catch up with friends.
 Zoe’s is the perfect place to catch up with friends because the atmosphere is calming and welcoming. There is an endless amount of tables for students to sit at with their friends, and when hungry there is food and drinks to order as well. It is the perfect place in the library to talk with friends because every other area is filled with students studying, so you will not disrupt anyone if at Zoe’s. Also, on the back wall there are shelves of board games to play. If you are like my friends, board games is the place where friendships are broken. If not, sitting enjoying coffee, Italian sodas, or toasted bagels is the perfect to do while gossiping about the latest drama. Now, sitting and catching up with friends or studying may work for other people; however, I prefer to write in Zoe’s Bagels.
 I walk into Zoe’s and I get this calming, relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. I love hearing music in the background and people talking, and the smell of bagels and coffee being made complete the room. Zoe’s Bagels is the perfect place to sit down, write, and work out your thoughts. I do not know why I like to write specifically in Zoe’s; I like it because it gives me that coffee shop sort of feel. I like that I can find my own table to sit at, put my headphones in, and take time to myself to work things out. I tend to listen to slow, softer type of songs like Let It Go by James Bay or country music. In my mind, Zoe’s is a place where I can sit at a computer and feel as if I am writing a blog and learning something about myself. Sometimes I am not in the mood to write, so I read other people’s blogs, but I tend to only read one specifically and that is Becca Tremmel because it is relatable.
 I love that Zoe’s Bagels does not have one specific purpose to me or to anyone. At any moment we can change our minds and make it what we want to be. Zoe’s gives off a positive, welcoming environment to anyone who walks in.

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