Older Women Dating On Best Cougar Dating Sites

An older women dating younger men is no longer a trend. It is happening everywhere. It might still raise eyebrows in some places and some women might still not be comfortable being seen with a younger man in a club. Thankfully there are more discreet and safer ways to meet younger men who would be amenable to striking up a relationship of some sort if you are a cougar. There has been a lot of social studies and research on why the roles have reversed and we can get into them here, but if you are reading this you’ve probably heard how younger men perceive older women and what older women would want in a relationship. The term Cougar implies that the woman is the one who is doing the hunting, which is not always true, some young men find older women more attractive. They might have many issues or not that is beside the point. The point is, it’s a two-way street with advantages and disadvantages for both sides.

This is not a phenomenon anymore

These relationships aren’t always accepted or portrayed in a positive light. There are misconceptions that cougars dating younger men do so for sexual reasons and that younger men date cougars for the money. That is not true. There is no denying that women are more empowered now that they were in the 80s or 90s. Societal attitudes are changing. Older women are more in tune with themselves, they have had the time and experience to be comfortable with their own sexuality so that when they get into a relationship they aren’t looking for validation or to be defined or to be completed. They date younger men either for fun, companionship and love is incidental (if it happens — great, if doesn’t, she won’t be crying about it for days). If you are looking for an older woman, younger man match-up go online to find out what other people have experienced and read the reviews on the best cougar dating sites that will have listings for people in your area.

We’ve seen the phenomenon growing in Hollywood and we’ve seen how some of those relationships tanked. Like Madonna and Guy Ritchie and Demi Moore’s marriage to Ashton Kutcher. For someone standing on the sideline, it’s easy to blame age as the reasons why those marriages did not work but we cannot speculate on other people’s lives if we haven’t been in their shoes, so no One little-known fact about young men is that a lot of them fantasize about being with an older woman. Basically, because they figure she would be more sexually experienced and would know how to take care of a man (mommy issues aside).

The evolution of cougars dating

So where do you go to find a young man or older woman who might be attracted and interested in you? You certainly don’t have to do the “Stella got her Groove” back stint and go all the way to Jamaica to find a cabana boy. Go online. It is simpler and safer if you know your way around the internet and if you want to develop some kind of dialogue before doing the face to face thing. You don’t have to take out an ad on Craiglist to find the best cougar dating sites. There are some exciting new age ways to meet older women from Tinder to Bumble and other apps that will send you an alert of someone who matches your profile and likes, this way you can hook up online, chat and to minimize catfishing some apps work with vines. You can strike up a conversation, spark a friendship, start a relationship online before you even meet; this has been known to work. You might be surprised to find that one soul mate you’ve been looking for by going online.