The Grounding Force of Nature

Wander Jots
Oct 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Kristopher Coulston

The natural world is the cure for an overactive mind. To be grounded is to be completely present. Absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells of nature can help us to be completely aware and conscious of the present moment. Most people are concerned with their physical health and wellbeing, but they neglect their mental health and wellbeing.

Like most people, I am bombarded with digital garbage on a daily basis. Unlike with garbage food, digital garbage is hard to avoid in the 21st Century. Not only are we bombarded with digital garbage, we have to conquer the many stressors that come with simply living, whether that be financial stress, work-related stress, home-life stress, or a combination. There is no doubt we should do all we can to improve and maintain our mental health, especially considering the amount of stress we put our brains and bodies through.

Nature is not something to merely gander at, it’s to be fully absorbed and completely immersed in. There are many sights and sounds and smells that make up the natural world, each have the power to evoke awareness, but harnessing that power is up to you. When I go into nature, I am going to be refreshed and renewed, not just physically, but mentally as well. I try to absorb and learn as much as I can from whatever natural setting I set out to explore.

Donald Miller once said, “All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.” It’s a worried mind that inhibits a grounded mind, and only grounded minds can be truly content and happy with whatever life may bring. This is a mind-blowing lesson directly from nature on the power of being grounded. Trees are deeply rooted in their existence on earth, some living for thousands of years, going through seasons of loss and seasons of growth, but they continue thriving and being grounded no matter the season.

Whether it’s immersing yourself in the many details that make up its beauty or letting its complexity be a lesson for your own life, there are many ways to capture the calming force of nature. Go out and take hold of what nature has to offer you — its gifts and lessons are overflowing, and it never fails the curious wanderer.

Wander Jots
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