Performing music has and I hope will always remain a core part of my life.

Some of my first memories are of my Dad singing away his sadness with a beer after midnight, my Grandfather smiling from the big-band stage as people danced to the old-time rhythms he played on the drums, and how much better a white suit looked on me whenever I had a musical instrument in my hands, even though I was just 3 years old…

Whether it was blues, rock ’n’ roll, cabaret, heavy metal, Christian worship or celtic rock, I revelled in every moment of my music career in all the places where I’ve performed, each country and each concert. But most of all I loved the feeling of comradeship which is the glue that holds together any lasting music group, and experiencing life with my good friends, filling the space between the notes…

What do I listen to? Check out this list.

Here’s a short video clip of some of our performances:

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