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Galactic Council Airdrop Program: Explore the Universe of Opportunities

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and NFTs, Galacticverse is introducing an airdrop program exclusively for Galactic Council holders. This program provides them with rewards like GLTLC tokens, lands, and special access.

About Galacticverse Airdrops!

Galacticverse is an entirely gaming-focused project, serving as a bridge between Web2 and Web3 technologies. In a departure from the traditional model, the team has chosen not to sell any in-game items but rather to airdrop all game assets, promoting equality and inclusivity within the community. This approach extends to all game items, except lands, including spacecraft, weapons, cars, buildings, and stores. All these items will be airdropped to Galactic Council holders.

Building a Comprehensive Universe

The ultimate goal of Galacticverse is to construct a universe as intricate and immersive as a second life, entrusting holders with the unique privilege of managing the ecosystem. This project aims to empower users to immerse themselves in a world where they can engage with a diverse array of in-game assets, contributing to the shaping of this virtual reality according to their desires.

In Conclusion

The Galactic Council Airdrop program stands as a testament to the project’s dedication to its community. Early supporters and loyal Galactic Council holders are poised to unlock a plethora of exclusive in-game assets and rewards. As the project continues to evolve, the opportunity to be part of this thriving blockchain gaming ecosystem is truly exciting.

Airdrops Summary:

GLTLC Token Airdrop

Penthouse Airdrop

Mars Airdrop

Galacticverse House Airdrop

Supply Information:

GLTLC Token Airdrop: 3,000 NFTs

Penthouse Airdrop: 333 NFTs

Mars Airdrop: 333 NFTs

Galacticverse House Airdrop: 1,111 NFTs

Council Game Characters: 10,000 NFTs

Launch date: TBA

Advantages for Holders:

  • Galacticverse House Airdrop: A single Galactic Council NFT in your collection opens the door to a unique opportunity. Owning just one Galactic Council NFT guarantees an airdropped house in the Galacticverse universe.
  • Mars Airdrop: Mars airdrops are limited in number, yet they wield tremendous influence within the Galacticverse ecosystem. Mars is the hub for token rewards, and members who own Mars lands are entitled to earn these valuable rewards. To qualify for the Mars Land airdrops, you must possess a minimum of 50 Galactic Council NFTs. If you have fewer than 49 NFTs, this benefit does not apply.
  • Penthouse Airdrop: The prestigious Galacticverse Penthouse Airdrop is an exclusive offer available only to members who hold a minimum of 30 Galactic Council NFTs. Meeting this threshold unlocks access to the coveted Penthouse airdrop, promising exclusive privileges within the Galacticverse universe.
  • Council Game Character Airdrop: For each Galactic Council NFT held, a new game character airdrop is granted. This means that whenever a new character is released, you automatically receive this character in your collection, or you can claim it for free.

Council Game Characters

Galactic Council characters are set to play a prominent role in the ecosystem, marking a phase of rapid economic growth. Each Galactic Council NFT grants you a Galactic Council Game character Airdrop whenever a new character is introduced. This ensures that your collection is continually enriched with new characters as the universe expands.

The Galactic Council: Your Key to the Universe

Each NFT is a key to the mesmerizing Galacticverse universe. It’s important to note that you don’t need NFTs to access the universe; it’s open to everyone. However, the true treasures are reserved for the esteemed Galactic Council holders.

GLTLC Token Airdrops: Powering the Ecosystem

The distribution of GLTLC tokens will kick off once the initial allocation is sold out, a strategic move to foster a healthier ecosystem and duly recognize early supporters.

In the realm of Galacticverse, all game items are gifts from the stars, delivered solely through airdrops or the art of claiming. Galactic Council overseers stand resolute in their commitment: not a single game asset shall be hawked for mere earthly coin. This, my friends, is the essence of the NFT, the foundational gem that adorns your digital treasure trove.

But, dear traveler, heed this — Galacticverse is not just a game. It’s the enigmatic order where NFTs in your grasp unlock secret doors across the world. It’s the magic that grants you privileged access to realms beyond imagination. It’s a journey into the uncharted, where your NFTs are your passport to the extraordinary.



Galactic Council

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