What To Expect In Your First Counselling Session?

Have you planned to go to a counsellor for the first time? Don’t have any idea about what to expect in your first counselling therapy session? If your answer is yes, then it is better to know that in your first session, the counsellor will typically ask you some common questions about yourself and your life. This information usually helps a counsellor in making an overall assessment of one’s current situation. Stated below are some of the general questions asked by a typical counsellor in Bondi Junction:

  • Reasons behind opting this therapy:There must be a particular issue that led you to seek help from a therapist. Thus, the counsellor needs to understand the reason so that he or she can comprehend the deeper issues later on.
  • Your past and present situation:A professional psychologist will ask a series of questions regarding your life. He or she may interrogate about your family history and current family status too.

Other than inquiring about your past and present situation, a professional will also try to find out if you are suffering from any other symptoms such as depression, anxiety, relationship issue, body image issue and so on.

Always remember that a successful counselling therapy requires effort from you as well as your counsellor. In order to have a valuable counselling experience, you need to take part actively in the session too. Stated below are the important things that you must follow while visiting a therapist for the first time. Have a look:

An experienced and qualified psychologist will enquire only about the right things. They can do their job in a more effective way if you speak with them and answer their questions properly.

Before visiting the place, get prepared and know how to narrate your current situation and problems. One of the best methods to prep yourself is by noting down all your problems one by one.

In order to understand the process, you need to ask questions to the therapist regarding your counselling session. Ask about the therapy process and the time needed for you to recover from the trauma once the therapy begins.

Thus, without getting nervous or confused, just sit, relax and convey all your problems to the counsellor so that he or she can take care and handle your situation in an efficient manner.

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