Surviving A Week in College

I don’t remember any famous quotes by any famous personality about how college is going to be, about what college is and what it is not, about what i need to expect from college and what not … As a matter of fact no one quote or sentence could encapsulate an experience such as college. Oh yes! It is an experience, for sure, for good or bad, depends on you (not entirely, actually).

Maybe that is what I had been searching for this whole week long .. A SENTENCE, A QUOTE, AN UNDERSTANDING, A RELATIVITY, AN ANSWER… to explain what this is.

My theories started with “A yet another stage of life, a social platform that teen-adults conform their lives around for no apparent reason.”(However grim that may sound)Yes, it was before the beginning of it all. Yes, I was trying to not make a big deal off of it by waiving it as *just another phase of life that would pass as it would come*. Yes, it was a naive perception at the moment. No, I couldn’t possibly have had an extra-positive take on this.

Then the day came, the Orientation, it was berserk, quite frankly. The weather was just too perfect, my best friend from school was in the college adjoining mine, I didn’t have the right words, the college didn’t have the classrooms as grand as I had expected, the stranger I sat beside was from my course and quickly became a friend, the seniors were cuter (and lesser available) than the freshers, I wasn’t looking my presentablest. I should have understood then and there that whatever I’m into, is going to alter me forever. I mean, we can’t trust perfect weathers and 2-minutes friendships, can we?

Then, suddenly College became all about short-and-preppy-introductions, quick-remembrance-of-your-hobbies, interaction-as-the-key-word, hit-and-trial-method-with-canteen-food, tiring-yourself-over-plain-walking, aweing-at-every-other-amusing-thing-like-an-alien-on-house-arrest, immersing-in-a-self-indulgent-pool, trying-hard-not-to-give-away-your-intolerable-Hindi-accent, striking-a-conversation-out-of-the-blue, smiling-whole-day-long. But in between the zonked out conversations and heavy duty metro train rides, you’ll end up living *the moments* like watching a sparrow having a pious bathe routine or a passenger getting stuck between the doors of the metro one minute and getting in safely inside another minute. And some of those times, the world will actually find some use of you to put you into the scenario where you’ll get to help some random stranger, be it lending your mobile phone for a minute’s call or lending your time for an unconscious sufferer’s call. In those moments, after those moments, you won’t be able to imagine yourself being anywhere else but there, doing anything else but that, you won’t be able to imagine your life without them, not because they have become a part of your memory, but because they’ve made you grow into this new individual, because they’ve made you what you are right now in this moment, so they’re a part of you. That’s when College became “Where I would Grow”.

Off course, college was FREEDOM all along, but then people with most freedom are perhaps the most bound ones. As much as College was about GETTING A NEW IDENTITY, EVOLVING AS A PERSON, BECOMING A NEWER INDIVIDUAL, I realised the more the things seem to change, the more they tend to stay the same. It became a parallel universe, the college and my home. I, the same person as I am, commuting every morning from where I live-as-what-I-was to where I live-as-what-I-could-become. But then Living parallel lives is never easy, you always tend to bring some inputs from the one to the other, which is never appreciated. So, the day when I made my newest of friends in the brightest of places, I came back home dealing with the oldest of my demons in the darkest of places. Yes, the sentence changed again, it changed from “Becoming A New Person” to “Becoming You, As A Person”

Because as much as I was becoming someone else, I was much more becoming myself, in the process. Well then, is college about Finding yourself? No. You found yourself way back in time. College is about CREATING YOURSELF. College is choices, that you would make or not make. College is mistakes that you would never regret or really regret. College is not learning the right things, it is learning about the wrong things. College is experience, good or bad, or both, or neither. College is the same walls that make you feel different about same things. College is rejection, a few times of you, sometimes for you, many times by you and every time of rules. College is acceptance, a few times of you, some times for you, many times by you and every other time of rules. College is everything that school was not. College is nothing your life would have missed if it wasn’t there but you would have missed life if college really wasn’t there.

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