The Roots and his Shadow

Roots growing up her arm
Clenching on the heart
Rain dripping down her cheeks
Spilling colors, of the art

Her Fingertips touching
As the bees hovering
On Flowers like lips
Parched and panting
Bees shushed
The flowers dead
Because of the words, left unsaid
She has tucked the flowers
With a smile
Entwining in the beehive
For the bees know, to guile

Fireflies losing light
Before the twilight
Imprisoned in two jars
The lid closes down
To reveal the dark
rain splattering out of her, like spark

The roots knit
A tight net
Around the jars
For they live to capture light
Leaving behind the scars
For they live to hide
Under the skinny sky, like the stars
For they live to trip
Every time she starts

Her lungs breathe
Like lightning, streaking the sky
Electric and abrupt
Alternating with her cry

She’s scared
Not of the lightning
But for the heart, interlaced
Between the roots twisting, Scraping and wounding
The heart that replaced
That of her own
The heart that hurts
When she groans
The heart that always
“Stop”, it tells
The heart that got tired
Asking her to unbarricade
The heart she cant carry around anymore
For it only makes it sore

The heart of a shadow lurking
Behind the tree
Pleading the roots on her arms
To set it free

The heart once loved her
But has stopped now
Because, when the shadow asked her heart in return
She broke the jars
To let the fireflies burn
The roots had blazed her already
It was now the shadow’s turn to steady

All she wanted
Was the shadow to see her light
But she forgot
That the shadow would then ignite
She lost the shadow
And his heart
Now the roots held on
Her heart and she held on her art!

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