Faith and Magic: The human condition and the legacy of Man.

Long before the embodiment of the antichrist into a Man like machine, the antichrist existed as a system, an organized web of agents and ideas relentlessly deployed in all walks of life, all sharing a common ideology, all committed to the same frightening mindset, a matrix coated with dark slime, an invisible virus infecting the states of mind of the unsuspecting yet willing surrogates that we all are.

The insatiable specter of globalization has managed to partially corrupt and twist all facets of human life, shattering in its wake, like a tsunami wave, genuine human goodness, heritage and diversity, and turning everything it touches upside down. It defiantly launched a war on the sacred, on what it means to be human. This dark, unparalleled and unprecedented force has swept across the globe in one gloomy night, devoured on its way the wealths of nations, obliterated their minds and filled their spillways with blood unto the abyss. How and Why you ask?

It is a long story, the story of a group of people with ancient knowledge, magic and immense wealth, they have been influencing world affairs for a long time now. They were the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian magicians, the learned elders of Beni-Israel, the financiers and advisers of european kings and the nobel prize winning scientists of the 20th century. They drilled the earth for oil, dropped atomic bombs and launched the space program. Nowadays, they’ve infiltrated every aspect of human life on earth, they are your TV bards and sybils presenting the news, marketing sorcerers programing your brain, Hollywood magicians enchanting your mind, tech wizards afflicting you with manic heedlessness, finance grand-wizards making money out of thin air, science druids and academic fiends manipulating information, law enforcement and tax collection transgressors, judges and laws, politicians and lawyers giving and taking with the touch of a pen and a global pop culture amusing us to death with futility and glamour.

And now, we are fast piercing through a final apocalypse, apocalypse in its purest sense, the unveiling of a new paradigm, a new order out of chaos (Ordo ab chao). The present tribulations and chaos are all leading to the ending of this age and the coming of God’s Kingdom (Novus ordo seclorum), the Kingdom of Israel with the artificial messiah as its unveiled prophet-king. As we are nearing the boiling point of information flux (Alan Moore), they are busy building their god, the mother of all machines, a self organizing system (Autopoesis), a centralized Artificial Logos, a Digital Hive mind, a simulated bio-mechanical morphic resonance interface (Rupert Sheldrake) which uses swarm robotics and continuously evolving algorithms as its framework, giving birth to a Digital Messiah (Terrence McKenna).

Fortunately, there is an antidote to this virus, and just as the agents of the dark force have awesome power, wealth, knowledge and magic (technology), you do too, in fact you have much more than that if you acknowledge the creator of all worlds as your God and ally.

The truth is, this is all a test, a very serious and costly test, it is the history long battle of hearts and minds, to remember who you are. Past the efforts do dissuade you, the delusions masquerading as real, exists a realm of pure light and beauty, luminous peace and revelation, you must tap into that. Your heart was intrinsically made to do that, would you allow it?

Take the leap of faith, the Creator loves bravery, you’ll be rewarded with the answers, this is a freedom training ground, it is a testing of your soul, a way for you to find out what you are, and it all starts with a sincere prayer.

We are all easily affected by world events, wars, famines, injustices, they make us angry, depressed, hopeless and deeply disappointed with humanity. Our very systems are built on this framework, our infrastructures are stolen resources, the products we consume are manufactured on slave labor, the taxes we pay and the laws that govern us are all a form of indirect systemic oppression, our education system is a prison for the mind, the traffic jams, the competition and the rat race all make us hate each other, and so we nurture then restrain a raging inner blaze, a violence we all know exists within us but is continuously concealed to get by in society, we conform and act normal, then tranquilize the pain with futility and heedlessness, with drugs and alcohol, movies and TV shows. True it is a powerful system, the state is the godhead, the giver of life and death, but is there a way out? I ask you: How do you personally deal with it?

I look at the lives of people who stood up, contemplated and did something. Look at Malcolm X, a man who reinvented himself, worked assiduously on himself, a man who didn’t stop wars and famines, who didn’t leave us with a joyful and just world, but he left us with the astounding confirmation of what it is to rise up from the ashes, to say I am a human being which carries the breath of God, I am worth something. I am the One. God spends a lot of resources to make each one of us into “The One”, The One who shall live their destiny by doing what Is right, by carrying out the work which must be done, by fulfilling their mission on earth.

Battles are fought in masses but the Man of God dies alone, the purpose remains individualistic, each will be judged according to what they knew, each will be questioned concerning what they did or did not do. What have you done with your gift, with the awesome power within?

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