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Sep 26 · 2 min read

Changing and rebuilding the finance industry can’t be done over night. The challenging long term goal to resolve the interoperability issue is complex. As new blockchains are born (LAN or WAN chains) its not naturally that they can communicate or exchange with each other automatically, this is probably a continuous cycle of bridging chains. At Counting Blocks we believe that long term commitment from the community is crucial to make Wanchain’s infrastructure successful and safeguard its security. We care about our delegators and love to see you delegate for a long time to come. Together with the successful Proof of Stake launch we want to give some Wanchain hoodies and goodies away to delegators that are committed to stake with us for the long term.

Earn tickets to increase your chance to win an awesome hoodie or goodie!

The requirements are:

  • Delegate + 90 days to the Counting Blocks validator node.
  • Delegation contest registrations closes after January 31st 2020.
  • Minimal eligible stake = 500 wan = 2 tickets.
  • 1000–1999 wan staked are 5 tickets worth.
  • 2000–2999 wan staked are 10 tickets worth.
  • 3000–3999 wan staked are 15 tickets worth.
  • 4000–4999 wan staked are 20 tickets worth.
  • 5000–5999 wan staked are 30 tickets worth.
  • 6000–6999 wan staked are 35 tickets worth.
  • 7000+7999 wan staked are 40 tickets worth.
  • 8000–8999 wan staked are 45 tickets worth.
  • 9000–9999 wan staked are 50 tickets worth.
  • Every 10000 wan staked are 70 tickets worth.
  • Total sum staked wan will be rounded up to 0 decimals at the end of the contest.
  • Follow and retweet our pinned tweet on Twitter = 1 ticket.
  • Be creative! Promote and reach out to your network! Spread the word about Wanchain and on any fun, positive and energetic way (online or offline). Share with us your story with screenshots, links, pictures, films or any other sort of proof = 4 tickets.
  • If there is a tie in individual stake amount the staker who stakes the longest wins.
  • The top 5 ticket owners wins!

Please send the information below to

  • Your first active delegation tx to us or wallet address ( any top ups will be tracked by us automatically).
  • Your Twitter @handle if available.
  • Any creative promotion proof, screenshots, links or other material you’ve used to spread the word about Wanchain and us.

We will publish the winning results on our medium during may 2020 and we will contact the winners per email. Make sure to follow our social channels, these can be found on our website.

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We educate and validate with the online community on Wanchain. The future of finance is here.

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