On Not Shaving My Head For a Cancer Fundraiser
Rachel Mack

I haven’t had Chemo — though I am pretty sure at some point in the not to distant future I will. Whether my hair goes or not I don’t think I much mind, but I’m saying that now I guess, I may feel different then.

3 years ago I did a “go bald event” but like you I didn’t see the point really, it was a gimmick to get money donated and not much else. I didn’t like that and really wanted to go further, so over about a week I went from deciding to do it, to deciding to shave my entire body.

Sounds even more like a gimmick right? but as well as raising donations it was about reaching out and raising awareness of a cancer charity close to my heart. I changed the hashtag to one specifically for my campaign (not the broader one) and we had over a million interactions with the hashtag in 28 days! We didn’t just raise money, which was a drop in the ocean really as we all know, but we raised the profile of the charity and the work it did.

But more than that I told the stories of those I knew fighting cancer — it isn’t a gimmick when you really put everything into it and focus on the real need.

Looking back, as I say, I see your point its kind of a gimmick, but so was the ALS challenge which not long after gave a breakthrough for that cause too. Sometimes gimmicks raising lots of cash, and i mean lots, isn’t always a bad thing — but they do need to consider who it will affect. But I think if you asked 1000 cancer sufferers whether they’d rather raise money for cancer charities like this or raise 25% of that total, they’d take this option.

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