DBViewer plugin to view and export your data

Couple of versions ago we added a DBViewer plugin for our own needs, to easily view the state of database during feature development and also when providing support to clients. This blog post explains how to view and export your data from Countly easily.

In the last version we also added deobfuscation of the database collection names, so our users and contributors would get familiar with underlying database structure more easily. But, as it turns out, some users are going even further and use DB Viewer plugin to export data from Countly.

You see, as with any other Countly dashboard functionality, it is built upon REST API provided by the backend server. So while building dashboard UI for our database browsing, we also “accidentally” on purpose, built a great way to browse our databases through REST API and retrieve needed data, to, for example, export data for events.

Also pagination options (limit and skip) and option to query specific data (filter) only compliment this ability.

To be able to do that, you actually need only 2 endpoints:

To be able to browse the database, you need Global Admin permission and thus api_key with that permission.

The returned data will be in JSON and it will be the raw data retrieved from the database, so if you want to understand what does that data mean checkout our Database Schema section or drop us a line for more information at engineering@count.ly

Arturs Sosins is one of the lead engineers at Countly, who’s main goal is making Countly as robust and extendable as possible. In the spare time, when not spending time with his big family, Arturs enjoys game development, game design and music related projects.