How to enhance your dribbling skills

We all want to have dribbling abilities like Steph Curry or like our favorite basketball player. Let’s dive into the world of great ball handlers!

Here are 3 things you can do everyday to enhance your basketball handling fundamentals.

  1. Grab your basketball and your head band. We all remember the epic moment when Allen Iverson crossed Michael Jordan’s ankles right? If not, lets go back to that moment. It was in this moment that people really remember who Allen Iverson was, he pretty much made the world’s greatest athlete look like a kid. How do you think that Allen Iverson got to perfect his strongest assets. He worked on his dribbling every single day. He never took a day off. He always had his basketball with him. You have to become one with the basketball, it has to be your best friend. You have to work on your dribbling every day.
  2. Pick a dribbling routine. When I was younger, my dad use to make me dribble for an hour. We went over the same basic dribbling drills using different variations. We would start off with a simple right hand pound. Then we would work on the left handed pound dribble. You must start with the basic dribbling drills and perfect them. The more you work on them, the easier they will become and naturally you’re skills will increase. Once you’ve mastered them, your muscle memory will develop!
  3. Combine your dribbling with shooting. So when you have mastered your basic crossover or in-and-out dribble incorporate them into a shooting drill. So set up a cone at the wing dribble towards the cone mimicking the dribble fundamental you’ve learned. This will help you have that game like experience. All of your dribbling motions you work on should progress into a game like situation.

Allen Iverson never took a day off when it came to working on his dribbling abilities. You have to work on perfecting your fundamentals every single day to develop that mean crossover like Allen Iverson. If he can do it, so can you! Well go, and start dribbling!

Who is Jasmine and why does she care so much about basketball?

Nice to meet you! My name is Jasmine Grier and I’m a former student athlete of Indiana State University Women’s Basketball program. I grew up playing basketball and I feel that my mission is to teach young athletes that basketball can be used as a tool for success! I founded Country Strong Basketball as a player development business to teach young athletes the game of basketball. Learn more below!

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