F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

“The only winning move is not to play” — Joshua from ‘War Games’

I have shared just about every experience you have had Sahat and sadly it reflects the current messed up state of the ‘profession’.

Interviewing seems to me to come in two broad styles :

— Those that want to find people

— Those that want to find excuses to exclude people.

I politely get up and excuse *myself* from interviews that devolve into the absurd — similar to those like you’ve outlined above.

Rejection, when reframed is a relatively inexpensive way of avoiding bigger pain down the road.

Back when I was a orchestral musician I was once told after an audition I was the “Dangerous Candidate”. At a bar later that day one of the musicians revealed that …. “You were great ! Even better than the guy we are going to hire!”. That’s human respect for you. As a programmer I’m much happier now.

We all want acceptance and to be thought well of — but mere human respect? Man thats water in the desert. The interview has to be a two-way street. Organizations that do not have enough time to interview properly and patiently are projecting *loudly* they don’t have the ‘time’ for other important things as well. Shake the dust from your sandals. Move on.

In extreme situations you may find yourself interrupting the process and *having* to question the questioner.

Is this going to be :

A.) A conversation between intelligent individuals to find if a set of skills fit a opportunity ‘as-advertised’.

B.) A silly game of ‘Jump Through My Hoop’

Thus endeth the rant. Go in peace.

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