Write about an argument between a mother and daughter

My friend’s mom is notoriously bad at naming celebrities. She’s always very close, but almost never right. My friend is consistently frustrated with her mother to the point where if they go to the movies together, she’ll print the IMDB cast listing so that her mom can reference it instead of whispering it to her in the movie theater 15 times. My friend always ends up with her phone out anyway.

A lot of the time her mom will get the pronunciation wrong. But sometimes she gets the actor completely wrong and my friend has to borrow her mom’s phone so she can have a second screen and then compare the two actors to each other so her mom can tell the difference. Their arguments usually go something like:

Mom: I really like this movie. What is it called?

Daughter: The Princess Bride

Mom: Oh the Prince’s Tide?

Daughter: No, The Prin-Cess Buh-ride-duh.

Mom: Oh. Got it. Well it’s very funny. You know the kid in the beginning? That was Ben Savage from The Wonder Years.

Daughter: You mean Fred.

Mom: What?

Daughter: It’s Fred Savage. Ben Savage’s brother. Ben Savage was Cory in Boy Meets World. Fred was in The Wonder Years.

Mom: No, I’m pretty sure that one was Fred and this one is Ben.

Daughter: Mom, I promise — this one is Fred.

Mom: Get out your phone. Look it up.

Daughter: Mom, I’m not getting out my phone. We’re watching a movie.

Mom: Seriously, get out your phone. I’ll show you I’m right.

Daughter: Mom, you’re going to regret this. Pause the movie.

Mom: No honey, we can do both.

Daughter: You’re missing the scene with Billy Crystal. You love Billy Crystal.

Mom: Oh the one from Sleepless In Seattle.

Daughter: Jesus Christ.

Daughter walks out of the room. Mom finishes watching the movie and lives the rest of her life happily not knowing the difference between Ben and Fred Savage or Tom Hanks and Billy Crystal.

Now write it from the other perspective:

I’m so happy to watch this movie with Paige today. I don’t remember the name of the movie, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. I just like spending time with her. I don’t care what we’re doing.

The movie plays and mom says it’s Ben Savage. The dialogue above happens, and after her daughter storms off she thinks:

Mom: Ok, ok! Jeeze, I don’t know why she gets in such a huff about these things. Ben, Fred — who cares! What difference does it make? It’s not like I do it every time. I know people. Teenagers… I’ll tell ya, had I known it was going to be this annoying I would have rethought that night in Pasadena.

But I love them! Paige and Andrew — god do I love them. I’m so blessed. Hashbrown blessed. Ha! I’ve got to tell Paige that one. That’s hilarious.

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