“STILL ON THA BLUFF” by @RealCurtisSnow


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They got me speaking at colleges and shit now. Email us and we can gotdamn set something up in your town.

So BOOM. Usually they just put me in a room with all the students. They play the movie, after the movie, I get up, talk. They ask questions or whatever and I get the hell on.

But I want to do more. These young kids believe me, they know I wouldn’t lie to them. So I can tell them anything and they gon’ have to listen.

I told you I had a muhfucka from college, who tried to leave the college life to come live the Bluff life. And we been tryna leave the Bluff life to go live the college life. And this bitch really didn’t know nothing about the streets.

She wasn’t nothing but 19 years old. She was addicted to smoking weed. She was a real weed head. But she hung around with the real cats and dogs, you nah mean? And we in the real streets.

She way from Virginia, she supposed to be at college, but college was over at the time. So instead of her going back home wherever she stay, she done hung around, just done met us down here just so happen, and she been kicking it.

So she was like a little intern or whatever, I was letting her work the Instagram page. She was got damn, at first, on her job and everything.

Then she got so comfortable, she wasn’t got damn taking pictures no more, she wasn’t tweeting, she wasn’t doing none of that shit no more. She was right there got damn with the weed getting fired up and parlaying like she one of the fellas.

So got damn we like, “Ay, you getting too comfortable, man.” She talk back like, “Blahzay, blah.” We like, “Hey baby, pipe down. You don’t even know where you at. You been around only like a good 30 days, and you done got so comfortable to where you think this shit won’t chew you up and spit you out.”

Shit, one day we was supposed to be cooling it. And some more people who she don’t even know, but she think she know ’em cause she met ’em through me, they come through and they say, “Hey, give us a ride somewhere.”

She commenced to leave me right then and take them where they going. I said, “Now let me remind you something, you don’t know ’em from a can of paint. These folks from the Bluff, you already know how everybody on the Bluff play.

She don’t know these folks. I just had to keep it moving. Like, “Man, you tripping!” What if got damnit these folks took your ass home and take your car. Dumb ass bitch. You don’t know what the fuck — these folks could get in your car and steal your laptop. They could be already plotting on you, you don’t even know it. But she was kind of offended — bitch get somewhere. We ran that bitch back to college.

That’s a success story if you ask me. It really is. Changed her life. I gotdamn stopped somebody from ruining their life. Scared straight. Ran ’em back to college. Hell yeah. We ain’t running from that shit.

My first book I said dope was like a scholarship to college for me. But it ain’t been like that for a long time. That ain’t the move. It’s too late to be a thug and all that lame shit. That shit really lame now. You headed down the wrong direction. You know where you headed if you really fuck around and catch a real case or do something stupid on the tip of, “I didn’t mean that.” Ain’t none of that.

That ain’t the path to travel down right now. Look at what’s happening in the world. Better pay attention. While you watching these folks, these folks finna shoot a got damn bomb and we ain’t gon’ see it. Or they just finna got damn put some shit in the water. I’m telling you, they cutting folks heads off. On TV, I’m telling you. And then, you can’t beat nobody who willing to kill they own self to make sure you dead. Pay attention.

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