“STILL ON THA BLUFF” by @RealCurtisSnow


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I was rapping with Chilly-O at the cover shoot for the book. We were talking about what they’re doing to the West Side. They tryna gentrify the hood, and shit. Get us the fuck on out. They building that new stadium down the road. Shit ‘bout to boil down, for real, for real.

I’ma got damn just go with the flow. You can’t predict that shit no more. Now you just hope and pray something go smooth and just thank God.

The ideal scenario would be to stay simple. We don’t want it to get too complicated. That’s what brings problems where a muhfucka can’t understand what’s goin’ on. We gon’ keep shit simple nowadays for muhfuckas.

Most of the businesses over here, they’re independent. They’re Black-owned. Shit, it’s a historically Black area anyway. Black muhfuckas owned this shit before. So shit, now it’s just like taking it back. It’s just getting they little shit back. Because Blacks gon’ start spending with Blacks and STILL have money and STILL keep it in the hood. So some folks waking up.

Shit, I know in 10 years, my neighborhood might not even be here. They might tear it down and put some shit up. But it would be nice if the whole neighborhood would get rebuilt again. And some of the real property would get bought by some Black people, and they start moving back here. It probably won’t be that way, but it would be nice for it to be that way. That’s how I want that shit to be in 10 years. The neighborhood back up and running. Every house full.

That’s how it was when I was a kid. Talking about everybody stayed in every house around here. We STILL standing, though.

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Buy my first book “I’m A G” on iTunes and Amazon.


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