Why Do Some Students Drop Out of Online Classes?

Every year millions of students sign up for online classes, yet only a few thousand manage to complete them. They either have an unrealistic expectation of the medium or are not suited for it. We list some of the common reasons why people drop out of online classes:

Lack of Awareness:

Before you sign up for an online course, spend some time and energy to make sure that the college is reputed and accredited. Thousands of students end up signing up for unaccredited colleges by failing to do any research. Read online reviews about the college and check if they have a good reputation. It is important to look for customer service and technical support levels also.

Not Suited for Online Learning:

Students who sign up for online learning must be self-motivated. If you are a serial procrastinator, online learning is not for you. Successful students complete their reading assignments and homework on time. It also requires familiarity with the internet. If you are not used to using or are uncomfortable working on computers, it’s better to stick to classroom-based learning.

Not Asking for Help:

Online class students often take on more than they can manage. They have either signed up for multiple courses or are working full time on the side. They are often chasing deadlines and are always stressed. Successful online students understand that the secret to completing a course lies in working smart, not hard. For example, they often call and ask us — ‘Can you take my online class?’ rather than doing all of the work by themselves. At CourseHelp911, we work with students to help them manage their assignments and deadlines.

Unrealistic Expectations:

There are several misconceptions about online learning. For one, people assume online learning is easier than traditional courses. They also believe that just because these courses are self-paced, you can take as long you want to complete them. An online course is like any other traditional course, except that it offers flexibility to study from home. There are deadlines and due dates that you have to follow.

Before you sign up for a course, it’s best to speak to a friend or counselor to make sure that the medium is suited for you.