Blender’s sculpting tools are great for modeling, but they also can be used to create fine-detail textures for your 3D models, whether for animations or games. In this course, Darrin Lile demonstrates how to use Blender’s Multiresolution modifier and sculpting tools to create texture maps that simulate high-poly sculpt information. He reviews the process of baking these textures out to normal and ambient occlusion texture maps, and then shows how to apply them to your 3D game assets in Unity.

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Modeling a symmetrical object in Blender
 UV mapping objects in Blender
 Creating high-poly sculpt details
 Using the sculpt and mask brushes
 Creating fine details
 Baking and applying texture maps
 Importing and testing texture maps in Unity


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Instructor’s Welcome Note:

– Hi, I’m Darren Lyall, and welcome to Blender Game Asset Sculpting. In this course, we will use Blender to create a low polygon war hammer for a video game. We will model, UV map and sculpt high-resolution detail on the hammer, and we will bake the sculpt information to texture maps. We will then import the model into Unity and apply the texture maps there. Blender is an open source, free to use 3D modelling and animation program, and Unity’s Personal Edition is free to download and use.
 These programs offer a great low-cost way to learn game design. So join me for Blender Game Asset Sculpting.

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