The procedural power of Houdini is now accessible in other applications via the Houdini Engine plugin. This allows technical directors to package and export systems as Houdini digital assets (HDAs) for use in environments that artists are already comfortable with Maya, CINEMA 4D, and other popular 3D tools.
 This course introduces the typical Houdini pipeline for creating complex systems that can be passed along to shot creation. Scott Pagano shows how to load the Houdini Engine in Maya and CINEMA 4D, create simple geometric networks, build more complex particle systems and fluid simulations, and create a procedural building generator for quickly blocking out buildings in Maya and C4D scenes.

LEVEL — Intermediate


Overview of Houdini digital assets (HDAs)
 Preparing digital assets in Houdini
 Loading Houdini assets in Maya and CINEMA 4D
 Building a particle systems with the Houdini Engine
 Creating a procedural building generator


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Instructor’s Welcome Note:

(soft piano melody) — Hello. I’m Scott Pagano and welcome to Houdini Engine for CINEMA 4D and Maya. The Houdini Engine is a powerful plug-in that bridges the procedural world of Houdini with CINEMA 4D and Maya. We’re gonna look at a bunch of different things in this course starting off with building a simple geometric network and seeing how to package that up as what we call an hda or Houdini Digital Asset, which is the file type that we then use in other programs.
 Then we’ll look at a slightly more complex geometric network and see how we can use Houdini’s proceduralism to allow for rapid variation within other programs. We’ll also take a look at a particle system that’s been built in Houdini and then apply that in both CINEMA 4D and Maya to see how we can use Houdini’s powerful particle generation inside of another environment. And then the final example, we’ll look at how to use Houdini’s very, very powerful volumetric fluid simulations systems within Maya.
 CINEMA 4D doesn’t natively support volumes yet, so this will be a Maya only example. It all starts with building a basic Houdini network so let’s dive in.

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