Rhino for Mac is here. While it doesn’t have the exact same features as its Windows counterpart, Rhino for Mac offers a compelling 3D modeling experience for designers who prefer to work in the Mac environment. This short course covers the key differences between the Mac and Windows versions, basic interface navigation, 3D modeling, lighting, and rendering. Author Chris Reilly builds from viewing models to creating complex geometry from simple points and curves to extruding solid objects for 3D printing. No prior experience with Rhino is required! Simply start watching to get up and running with this powerful 3D modeling software.

LEVEL — Beginner


Installing Rhino for Mac
 Viewing a 3D model in Rhino 5
 Manipulating objects with commands
 Creating curves, surfaces, and solids
 Applying transformations to 3D objects
 Creating unique shapes with Boolean operators
 Snapping to objects and planes
 Prototyping a 3D model
 Lighting and rendering


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Instructor’s Welcome Note:

(gently chiming bells) — Hi, I’m Chris Reilly and welcome to Up and Running with Rhino 5 for Mac. Rhinoceros 3D for Mac or Rhino for short is a powerful hybrid 3D modeler that gives us a great balance of precise and organic modeling tools. In this course, we’ll explore the switch from Rhino for Windows to Rhino for Mac, the basics of the Rhino interface, fundamental modeling concepts, as well as lighting and rendering. I’ll start by showing you how Rhino’s Geometry stacks onto itself creating complex forms from simple inputs like curves and points.
 Then we’ll look at making solid objects that could be used for 3D printing or even CNC milling We’ll be covering all of these techniques plus plenty of other tools and features and before you know it, you’ll be a 3D modeling wizard. So let’s get start with Up and Running with Rhino 5 for Mac.

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Up and Running with Rhino for Mac
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