I Need your Help Developing Life Changing Software on the Blockchain

The following is transcript from my Youtube/podcast show, wherein I discuss the the budding field of Lifestyle Design.

Hi everyone, this is Court Reinland, author of Aquarius — The Book of Lifestyle Design, and this is the Lifestyle Design Show. So today’s show is all about YOU. I need you to help with the software and I’d also like you to join me on this show or on the podcast and what you can do if you want to participate is to send an email to pr at courtreinland dot com or if you’re interested in being an open source developer who participates in this project, send an email to dev at courtreinland dot com.

For those of you who are new to this, the software is called the Aquarius app and it’s an app that allows you to do what I call lifestyle design, which is to make a community on your own terms and your own rules together with whoever you want and to design your own lifestyle and it’s a kind of tool that replaces or could replace, hypothetically, your work.

Hypothetically, it could replace some parts of the government that you are not satisfied with how they function, and it could provide a kind of support for a person and I go into this in great length in the book and I’ve been talking about it on this show.

So you can reference all of those things to get caught up to speed but I basically have been developing the software alone. I’m essentially the only developer. There’s been a few people who helped me answer questions and other things I’m very thankful to those people and but basically I’ve been doing it myself.

If you are an open source developer who participates in these kind of projects maybe you’ve helped other, you know, projects like this in the past, I welcome your contribution to this project if you see it’s value and you see its place in the world.

Maybe you’re interested in decentralized development, if you’re interested in Bitcoin or Ethereum or those things and you think, “Hey, you know, this is a project that I might be able to help contribute to,” I welcome all of that and I’m very thankful for any help that I get. It’s been a bit of a lonely journey so far but that’s that’s fine. I’m willing to go the distance in if you’re a person who has the skill in computer programming or other related fields, an think you can contribute to this project, just again send an email to — if you if you want to be a developer send it to dev at courtreinland dot com.

And if you want to be on featured on the podcast and have me interview you about anything, about what kind of lifestyle you personally would create or just talk about, you know, your upcoming book or your other projects that you’re working on, email pr at courtreinland dot com. Same goes for press, if you want to talk to me about this project, what I’m doing, just email pr at courtreinland dot com.

So this project, basically, it has a huge potential, it has a huge potential to help a lot of people around the world change their life. You can potentially lift people out of poverty. You can potentially allow people who are in a very repressive government to to support themselves or to coordinate with like-minded individuals to survive that repression.

It can help people with living a simpler, greener life, protecting the environment, it can help people who may be in a country with, you know, very bad human rights. It can help people just mitigate some of the maybe poverty in their life, in their own community and it’s very easy.

It’s very easy to use and it’s very easy to get started. Literally all you have to do is pickup the app and open it, and say, “I’d like to create a community,” and there’s a little field there, you can name your community, you can decide what your community is going to be all about. You can write that in your charter and then you can set the rules by which your community operates and then you can announce it to the greater Aquarius Network, if you wanted to. You don’t have to.

You could keep it secret. Sometimes you may need to or want to do keep it secret depending where you are in the world and what kind of a situation you’re currently living under, but a lot of times you would want to make it public so as to get other people involved with you and out in the open, so people can see what you’re doing and maybe want to help you, want to participate and want to join the community and possibly enjoy whatever lifestyle you’re trying to create, right?

So the possibilities are so open-ended and we’ve just started to scratch the surface even thinking about what this concept can do because it’s so new and that’s why I’m making this show today to say, you know, “If you want to get involved, you know, please reach out to me.”

Those emails again, pr at courtreinland dot come or dev at courtreinland dot com. Depending what your interests are — we’ll talk, you know, we’ll make it happen.

And you know I grew up watching kind of the open-source community evolve, you know, I was an early user of Linux, you know not that early, but you know I was using it in college and and you know, really got into this idea of open source as a way of life, really, as a thing that people could do, you know, I read Linus Torvald’s book, you know, he talks about how he developed that — that was a great inspiration.

I’ve always liked all those projects whether it’s other people’s projects who are doing something really cool and essentially not copyrighting it, not saying, 
“This is my thing. It’s only going to be my thing and no one else can — I have to make money off it,” right? I’ve always liked the idea of just giving things away, giving things to the community, just making that contribution and contributing where I can to other people’s projects as well.

And I think that’s a beautiful movement. I think it’s a beautiful thing, that people can do and be involved in is open-source projects, open source programming. I’ve always had a passion for those.

You can also, if you’re not someone who has all the time to get involved, or if you’re a very private person, you can always just support what I’m doing on the Patreon page, you can go over there and sign up on that and help out what I’m trying to do — Help out what I’m making for the the world and right now it’s basically just me. In the future, there will probably be a lot more people involved, but that is like my lifeblood of support is, you know people willing to make a donation or willing to help out, that’s an important part of moving forward with the project.

So if that’s you and you care about these topics or you know, again, like maybe you’re passionate about is built on, on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Maybe you’re someone who thinks that we ought to have a new currency in this world, thinks we got to do things a different way than we currently are — you may be here for a kind of open source democracy, whatever of those categories you fit into, this may be something you want to check out. Hopefully you will get a lot of value out of it.

So if you read the book, if you visit the website https://aquarius.community, not dot com but dot community, you may find something there that resonates with you and you’ll want to get involved you’ll want to make a contribution, you’ll want to help people make their lives better using lifestyle design, using the ability to create their own community.

Maybe you’ll want to create one yourself. Maybe you want to join one. But I want this to be a thing that people feel free to get involved and I want to totally give it to the world and say, “Here it is. Do something with it, you know? Make your dreams reality. Lifestyle design is all about openness and inclusiveness and just being able to — having that freedom to do. So. again, my name is Court Reinland, and I’m the author of Aquarius, the book of lifestyle design, out now on Amazon.

Three ways you can get involved:

  1. Email pr at courtreinland dot com if you want to be featured on the show, or if you want to interview me about something.
  2. Email dev at courtreinland dot com if you are a developer and want to get involved with the software development itself.
  3. You can also check out my Patreon page if you want to make a financial donation as well: https://www.patreon.com/courtreinland

This is the Lifestyle Design Show and I hope that this is something that is maybe sparked something in you, and you feel passionate about.

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