Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Your Lawyer Wisely


When deciding how to handle your legal affairs, you must first consider the type of lawyer you want to partner with. Should you partner with a lawyer in a big law firm? Or “lawyer-preneurs”, defined as a solo practitioner or small group of lawyers who decided to open up their own law practice? Here are three reasons why it may be better to partner with a lawyer-preneur.

  1. Lawyer-preneurs can be more client-centered. Because of their size, lawyer-preneurs can provide individualized attention to your case or legal matter. This means that your case won’t get shoved on to another lawyer who is indifferent about helping you with your legal needs. It also means that when you need to reach your lawyer, chances are that you will likely be able to speak to them and not a secretary.
  2. Lawyer-preneurs won’t take representing you for granted. Lawyer-preneurs have to work harder to stand out from the bigger and more established law firms to earn your business. For this reason, lawyer-preneurs tend to view representing you as an honor, as opposed to being just another client with a case.
  3. Lawyer-preneurs don’t have the same pressures as lawyers in bigger law firms do. Lawyers at the bigger law firms are under the pressure of meeting monthly and annual billable hour requirements. What this means to you is that these lawyers have to findways to make money off of you, even if the work performed does very little to ultimately resolve your legal matter. On the other hand, lawyer-preneurs have more flexibility in how they charge for your legal matter because they are not under the same pressure. For example, Court Buddy’s lawyers charge flat rates based on your budget, thereby saving you thousands of dollars in retainer fees and billable hour rates and keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Choosing your partner wisely can help you accomplish your legal goals quicker and can help you save more money. By choosing a lawyer-preneur, you will feel like a person that is being adequately taken care of, rather than just a number.

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