Time To Get Help: Three Reasons Why A Judge May Order You To Get A Lawyer

We have received a growing number of inquiries from people across the country who have been ordered to get a lawyer by a judge in their case. Some people have asked why a judge would require this, or what would trigger a judge to issue this type of order in their case.

Here are the 3 most common reasons a judge will order you to get legal help for your case.

Misunderstanding of the law. You may think that a month of intense study in the local law library (or watching a couple of episodes of Suits or Judge Judy) is enough to understand the law. There are many different legal aspects to a case, both procedural and substantive, which makes it easy for someone representing themselves to miss or misunderstand. If the judge has scolded you several times about your misunderstanding of the law in your case, then an order requiring you to get a lawyer is usually the judge’s next step.

Filing The Wrong Pleadings or Motions. If you do this once or twice, a sympathetic judge may chide you for the incorrect filings and may even advise you on what to file. But repeatedly filing the wrong pleadings or motions can prompt the judge to order you to get a lawyer in the interest of preserving judicial economy.

The Other Party Has A Lawyer. The justice system is a complex system that is virtually impossible for perhaps 98% of the general population to understand. Even if you think you have a “clear cut” case, you can still lose the case if the other party has a lawyer. If you are routinely getting out-maneuvered by the other party’s skilled lawyer, a judge may decide that enough is enough and order you to get a lawyer.

If a judge orders you to get a lawyer, don’t take it personal. Instead, you should take this feedback to mean that the judge wants to help you before it is too late.

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