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I can’t get how the media is “gunning For Trump” by reporting facts and asking questions that go unanswered. This and the fact that DT squeals like a stuck pig with attack tweets almost every morning does not add to his creds. Also difficult to deal with is that he touts every action he makes like it deserves a superlative sandwich instead of letting us decide what we think of the job he is doing. Something most of us will do anyway.

I find constantly being told that dollar store sardines are fresh Copper River salmon dejecting. Not as good as, but the real freakin thing and it is just Not! One lie cannot fix another.

We have suffered under the lack of an effective foreign policy for all of my adult life. There have been some successes but our stock continues to deteriorate as our government has inexorably been drawn to the right and the Asian commercial competition grows stronger with our own manufacturing base paving the way. The question of “Whose government is it anyway?” is seldom asked because we all know the answer and not many of us like it all that much.