Very well said.
Bret Weinstein

I suppose when a Theoretical Evolutionary Biologist calls something parasitoid then I reckon I’d better leave it alone but I just can’t. The DNC is the major controlling segment of the party not some unattached malignancy that consumes it to feed its totally separate agenda. Such a malignancy once identified could be removed unless, of course, we only now recognize how dangerous to democracy when the brain eating worm when it is ready to take flight to spread its own brand of fiscal conservatism and oligarchy and the host is a shriveled corpse.

In politics nothing is finite, all is in flux. The growing movement against the establishment is not going away. I have heard not one viable argument against any of the Sanders campaign platform while the DNC pretty much held the opinion that since campaign platforms seldom survived the inauguration they were unnecessary. The postmortem on the Democratic party is more than a bit premature for in every election the chance for reform is present. We saw that in the last national election and only a fool would deny that the electorate is incensed by these manipulations by the 1%. The Trumpets and the Bernie-bots have more in common with each other then with the “leaderships” of either party.

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