Nation Stunned By Number Of Republican Bootlickers Still Willing To Shill For Trump
Allan Ishac

McConnell is grinning like the village idiot while finally getting to vote on Obamacare’s removal. None of those on the right give a fig about what their obsession with destroying everything the last administration managed to implement. At least that is how it appears from here.

Their problem is that the money interests have disturbed and given homage to the real silent majority and they are really angry but have focused on the wrong target. If the party is to succeed in the future this anger must be directed to the Democrats who in truth are way ahead of the right on social issues such as making it possible to earn a comfortable living. This means that even though the more rational among them are becomming alarmed at the potential destruction this administration is courting but to go against it they will risk their jobs. It is nearing the point where these men and women must fish or cut bait for while our nation may continue to prosper many of it’s citizens will not.

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