I agree that we’ve allowed it to happen.
Mark Green

You would be correct if we were actually choosing the candidates. During the last election it was the Republican’ts who actually were the most democratic. The Democrats were dominated by a party machine that never wavered from its drive to see Clinton as our first female president in spite of her lack of support by the base. The Republican’ts once again were presented with a clown car of candidates with little real experience and less vetting for ability. After the total rejection of another shrub the party appeared to just throw up their hands and let events play out. Very democratic but ultimately a disaster which keeps on like an earthquake that just won’t stop.

We are witnessing the beginnings of an autocracy with elected officials being financed by the 1%. The Sanders campaign showed us that the 1% hasn’t won yet and the 2018 mid-term will tell which road America will travel for the coming generation. I doubt that if the plutocrats take that one the 202o election will be effective as a counter and may well seal the deal.

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