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He remained with her about a month, after which he went forth and sat upon his throne, and administered justice to his subjects; Trick or wheek Guinea Pig shirt. and towards daybreak on the morning after the expiration of the ninth month, his wife gave birth to a male child of an auspicious appearance. When the King heard of it, he rejoiced exceedingly, and gave a large sum of money to the bearer of the good tidings; and in his joy he went to the child, and kissed him between the eyes, wondering at his surpassing beauty.

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The midwives took him, and blackened the edges of his eyelids with koḥl;10 and they named him Táj-el-Mulook Khárán.11 He was nourished on the bosom of indulgence, and reared in the lap of prosperity, and days and years passed until he attained the age of seven years; whereupon the King Suleymán Sháh summoned the men of learning and science, and ordered them to instruct his son in writing and science and polite literature, and they continued to do so for some years, until he had learnt what was requisite; and when he was acquainted with all that the King desired, he caused him to be brought from the professors and teachers, and engaged for him a master to instruct him in horsemanship, who continued to teach him until his pupil was fourteen years of age. Whenever the youth went forth on any business, every one who beheld him was ravished by his beauty, so that they composed verses in his praise, and even the women of virtue were overcome by love for him, through the surpassing beauty with which he was endowed. And when he had attained the age of eighteen years, the grey down appeared upon a mole on his red cheek, while another mole, like a globule of ambergris, added to these charms, and he captivated the minds and eyes of his beholders. His comeliness increased as he became a man, and he had companions and friends, and every one who enjoyed access to him wished that Táj-el-Mulook might be Sulṭán after the death of his father, and that he might himself be one of his emeers.

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