Dear Online Marketers

Please stop giving people terrible, self-driven advice.

Courtney Goes

Please, for the love of God, stop throwing out random marketing advice on the internet… unless you actually know what you’re talking about.

It seems like every man and his dog is now a marketing expert because they did this one thing that one time for this one business and it worked, so believe it can be applied to every situation and get the same results.

It’s like thinking the only way from A to B is in a car. Sure, it’ll get you there, but a more effective and efficient path is via train, bike, or even walking. Just like the vehicle will be different, the route will be different.

Naturally, people have different businesses, different challenges, different goals.

Guess what? Not every channel is the right match for a product or business.

The path is almost always unique — there is no one-size-fits-all approach and it’s clearly overwhelming for small business owners and entrepreneurs to navigate.

In my 10+ years in marketing working with businesses big and small, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of incredibly intelligent people. But when it comes to marketing, they get completely stuck because they’ve seen, read or be told countless different bits of marketing advice with zero context to their own business.

Saturation point for useless and misguided advice is at an all time high.

Tech has changed so much, and with that so has marketing — which will only continue exponentially. Facebook ads isn’t always the answer. Nor is Instagram, or Pinterest or email.

The way we can truly add value is to educate and show how to navigate the marketing landscape through simplifying and testing.

Let’s keep it simple shall we?

  1. What’s marketable about your product or business (USP)
  2. Who should care (target audience)
  3. Why should they care (key message)
  4. Where do these people (and their influencers) hang out (channels)
  5. What are your goals

… then drive all efforts to these, test whether 1–4 stack up to drive results for 5 and pivot where necessary. Test, pivot. Test, pivot.

While the questions remain the same, the answers will be different every time, so the strategy will be different every time.

Getting marketing results is a process that’s unique to each situation, so please stop preaching your method is the one.

It’s not.

Please and thank you.

Courtney Goes

Written by

Marketing / Creativity / Tech / Travel. Marketing Consultant ( and Founder of Marketing Emporium (

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