How to Upload Multiple Images on an Instagram Post

A guide for freelancers and small business owners.

Jun 9, 2017 · 3 min read

Instagram has recently made it’s multiple photo feature available to all users, allowing you to essentially stitch together up to 10 images in one post to create a slideshow.

Previously only available to advertisers, what does that mean for you? More content and richer story telling — hooray!

Here’s what you need to know and how to use this new feature.

What are multiple picture posts?

They look the same as normal posts in the Instagram feed, except for a row of dots underneath the picture showing how many photos there are. Viewers can then swipe left or right to flick between them, but all likes and comments will apply to the whole post. It’s sort of like a mix between Facebook’s albums and Instagram’s Stories features.

  1. Update Instagram (to version 10.9 or higher for iOS).
  2. In Instagram, hit the + sign in the bottom of the screen like you normally would. In the photo window next to the Boomerang and Layout icons there’ll be a “Select Multiple” button.
  3. Select up to 10 photos or videos and click “next” in the top right corner to go to the editing screen.
  4. Apply your filter/s — the filters along the bottom will be applied to all images or videos. If you click each one you can edit them independently.
  5. Rearrange photos by holding them and dragging them to the left or right, or remove them by holding and dragging them up to the bin icon. If you want to add more there’s the plus button on the right hand side.
  6. When you’re happy, click next. The caption and location will apply to the whole post.

Instead of a gif or video, show your step-by-step tutorial or how to instructions via one step per image. This will let your audience see clear steps and engage more deeply with individual products — ideal for a skincare and makeup brands!


Ideal for service based brands, show your audience a day in the life at your business, or an event, or any sort of experience with your brand.


Share multiple event photos rather than just one to give the event more context and make viewers feel more part of the event experience. Just remember that the caption applies to the overall post, so don’t forget to credit photographers, stylists etc where you need to.


Launching a new season or range of products? Showcase them and how they complement each other without spamming your Instagram feed with every single one of your product.


Given that images on Instagram are square, panoramas (aka panos) are hard. Now you can link images together to look like one continuous image. Just take a panorama as usual and crop into 3+ photos, or take them separately from the beginning.

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