I gotta be honest, I like reading your words on the site here and I think journalism is important.
A dumb man

A dumb man, fantastic post. Very well thought out and scary as hell. You are correct, this is an act of war. Thankfully, we haven’t reacted as though it were a war. Strangely enough, I think Hillary would have taken us to war. (she’s a bit of a hawk) And Trump would never do it, because… WHAT ABOUT MY HOTELS! 
The gravity of the situation we are in is real and I think it’s fair to be concerned and to call out the press for treating the Russia-gate like a year long is-LeBron-going-to-the-Lakers saga. (Wait for it)

The most appalling thing is that coverage of the government and countries is covered like sports and sports like the government. But the two should not be covered the same way! Sports? well, they mean nothing. But government affects citizens lives, who lives and who dies. it’s scary.
Bravo on your post!

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