It would be horrible if the NBA adapted the same transfer model as European football/soccer.
Leonard Matthewes

I would love to see how american sports would work in a club verses franchise system. The issue is that it requires promotion and relegation to really work…. Here is a scenario…. We set up a pyramid with NBA at the top and use the college power conferences as the lower divisions. Then the college teams would go full pro! The NCAA tournament would be to GO TO THE NBA…. the relegation battle would be worst team in the league drops down. We could have this for several leagues… NBA would be reduced to 20. There would be no draft. Best players would get bought and sold like Europe with a transfer window in the offseason and on two weeks either side of the all star break. 
I would love it. The US’s oligarchy cartel league system of franchises reduces competition and locks in profit for mediocrity.
It would just be wonderful to see the consolidation of teams in the big cities with money… LA would have 5 teams… NY might have 3…

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