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To use the Bill Simmons line… are we sure Pep is good? He’s not boastful like Mourinho and always gives credit to players… But Mourinho has Porto under his belt… (which is really his great achievement) What does Pep have? He’s won with the greatest players in the world. Good for him. (so has Mourinho since Porto) I find the manager ferris wheel in football so weird. Would Pep do well with Crystal Palace? No. Would Mourinho? Yes. (while losing his mind) Does Pep bring out the best from the best players? Yes. Does Mourinho? No. In football, as you get more and more talented players, there is an inflection point on how you should play. The less talented the team, the more pragmatic and negative you should play… the more talented the team, the more expansive and expressive you should play. Pep is loved because he pushes the most talented players, to play in the most difficult way, with the most wonderful results and aesthetic. While Mourinho forces talented players to play in a pragmatic way, that is less pleasing on the eye, but is a winning way. Endlessly fascinating…. the light versus the dark; progressive football verses anti-football. We do not have this in American sports. Style versus results.. American sports are all about results… I would argue if there is one sport where this appears SLIGHTLY it’s basketball… but only recently.