Storytelling… Just a Buzzword or Something Bigger?

Storytelling can be defined as many things, it just depends who is defining it and what they believe it to be. The word “storytelling” has become a controversial word in the media and content marketing because people are disagreeing on what is considered to be an actual story. Experts have said that storytelling is something that catches the audiences’ attention and keeps it; the content needs to be interesting to the consumer.

I believe that storytelling is anything that is telling me a story. I personally think the word “storytelling” is definitely overused, but I also believe that it is important in the media. Many companies choose to attract their audiences by telling a story, but if it does not relate, motivate, or attract to their target audience then their storytelling strategy will not work.

Many people nowadays consider themselves to be storytellers ranging from actual storytellers, to reality TV stars, to ad designers. I think all of these people could potentially be storytellers but it depends if their audiences are interested in the story that they are telling. According to Bobby Rettew’s article “Why I hate the “storytelling” buzzword,” he thinks it comes down to defining what a “good story” is. I agree with his statement but everyone could have a different definition to what is considered a good story so it makes it really difficult.

Lastly, while researching ads that tell stories and why it’s important I came across the Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” 2015 Superbowl commercial. The commercial is really emotional and definitely tells a story and makes you feel good about their brand. These are the kind of stories that I like to see in advertising.

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