There´s no such thing as “blockchain technology”​. Yet.

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What do we have is a group of disparate solutions from several stage of maturity and a huge case of success solving one specific problem: A Cryptocurrency.

But yes, there´ll be a huge revolution when this new architecture, (if we can call this draft of non-semi-quasi-related technological pieces this way), that the Market nicknamed “blockchain”, settles down. And here begins a long story of fore sighting the road ahead.a

Despite the fact I do prefer the acronym ATA (Autonomous Trust Architectures), let´s keep the confusion alive and use the term blockchain (more on the future articles about that).

The Road Behind

The idea of writing such a provocative title came after various causes, speeches and conversations where become clear there´s a very “hyped-gossiped-inflated” moment of FOMO around the theme since 2015, and all this fuzz was on… Bitcoin! Sebastian Mounier summarized all those feelings in a wonderful piece at CoinDesk.

And we have plenty of history to teach us the really disruptive technological platforms take a long incubation phase before blow our minds and business out. But I don´t think this revolution will blossom like the old case of internet protocols, or the web itself, it´s a new age of change and how change propagates.

Behind, several explanations about it, and lots of money in books, seminars, congresses, classes and all, just to state the obvious: there´s no clear path ahead.

The real now.

When you look an old concept of platform leadership, meaning not only technological but economical and power control, some things become clear about where are we: In the middle of a real standard fight.

The protocol wars.

As Joel Monégro stated in a very interesting article, all the fuzz in the last two years are still related to a dense discussion about what is the blockchain flavour will remain. Today, Australian arm of ISO (that has the easy mission of organizing this Babel) had published a first work towards the search of this standard.

And in February, while we dance Carnival here in Brazil, looks like the world keep moving to a triumvirate of 4 main directions:

The road ahead

Innovation is open, comunity-centered and startup fuelled this days. Disruptive innovation is exponential in reach, global in scale and can be a bubble or a really impactful event.

But, we still need a proof of this work.

This is a series of articles intended to result in a book about the ATA´s impact on our existing technological global platform.

Courtnay Guimarães Jr., meanwhile is a beloved father of 3 shining human beings, love to surf technology innovation waves as a Digital Business Transformation Architect. At the time of this writing, he´s looking for a job.

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