Lessons From a Starving Entrepreneur

Just a woman, entrepreneur, neighbour trying to do her best.

We’re writing our own story, with every choice we make.

I never thought my life would be what it is. I’m not saying that in a pessimistic or egotistical way, but in more of a stunned, “what the hell” sort of way. I shouldn’t be shocked, I mean, I made each and every decision leading up to this point. I truly created a life I am proud of.

I own a small but successful marketing firm (Radar Marketing). One that reminds me every day that the sacrifices and hardships I’ve endured are worth the reward. I pinch myself as a reminder that, I get to wake up every morning and not only do what I’m passionate about, but know my work makes an impact on the lives and dreams of other entrepreneurs. To me that is the ultimate gift and what drives me. A gift, I gave myself by taking a chance on “ME”.

In university, we studied theories on risk, used case studies as examples and performed calculations to help measure the dangers of these decisions. We discussed what qualitative and environmental factors one should consider, but what they didn’t cover, is how risk affects you personally. I’ve recently realized it can only be taught in the school-of-hard-knocks — life. Sure, the academics touch on the rewards of risk taking, the expense and failure risks could hold. But common’ let’s be real, everything before the risk is merely theoretical, and don’t kid yourself, so is, everything after. Risk can only be learned from leaping.

But If I had to give myself one piece of advice before taking the leap to entrepreneurship, what would I tell my enthusiastic naive 20 something self?

It would be two fold, first a reminder that after you learn the rules, sometimes you need to break them. Secondly, you can plan all you want, but the vision of how you thought it would go, is a fallacy. I realized that rather than trying to control the outcome you have to embrace the unknown. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised — I know life doesn’t come with a roadmap. Destination, Disneyland, anyone? So, why did I think there was a handbook for entrepreneurship? Regardless, this led me to my most valuable life lesson. Whatever you do — Own it!

PS. Stay hungry in your pursuit of passion.