Brother Francis and his journey with God

“My relationship with Jesus and Mary has allowed me to understand the meaning of music and for being in my own glory I can use the gift he has given me to find joy.” -Brother Francis

Walking through the streets of Boston, or really any city, you never know who you’re going to meet or what you will come across. As Brother Francis strolled down the shaded sidewalk wearing his worn out his sandals and rubbing his rosary between his fingers just as he has been doing the past six years, he stopped and spoke kindly to a homeless man.

“I live with priests and brothers who are Franciscans which means that we follow the life of St. Francis Assisi,” said Francis.

Brother Francis has been a dedicated member of the Catholic Church, however, he hasn’t always been the religious figure he is today. Originally coming to Boston to pursue his musical career as a percussionist, Brother Francis attended the New England Conservatory of Music. This initial plan for his future changed after his freshman year of college when he was introduced to the Priest of the St. Francis church.

With the guidance and strong relationship with the other members of the church, came this new-found passion for Jesus and the Catholic church.

Brother Francis, along with other Franciscans now focuses on imitating his life in the style of St. Francis. He said, “We try to live a St. Francis lifestyle since he served the lepers, the poor, those who were despised in society and so we try to go to the abortion clinic and pray, we also go to the homeless shelters and the soup kitchens.”

Although Brother Francis has found joy through his new way of life, the transition into this lifestyle wasn’t always easy. Brother Francis had to adjust to the strict life of prayer, which includes not being able to decide his own actions and doing everything his superior guides him to do.

“Yes it was a struggle to understand why i need a superior, why do i need someone to tell me what to do everyday, so that was hard for a while to adjust to, but once i came to understand the beauty in all of that it gives you freedom and that was also something I had to adjust to,” said Brother Francis.

Brother Francis also realized the positive impact of a superior guidance during his time praying at the abortion clinic.

Brother Francis said, “At first I couldn’t stand praying at the abortion clinic, I felt very uncomfortable. I was thinking ‘I don’t want to be here because I’m not good with talking to women and I feel uncomfortable because people think we’re just judging them when we go there and I felt very out of place.”

After revisiting the abortion clinic with his brothers, Brother Francis realized characteristics about him and began to find himself in the process.

“The more and more I started to recognize how much the women who were going in there going to have abortions need someone first of all praying for them and second of all a presence outside of the clinic I started having my own conversion and recognizing my own wounds and how I hide a lot of things. A lot of the women in there don’t really want to have an abortion and you can tell when they come out because you can see a lot of shame and they’re hiding what is truly going on in their interior and I started to recognize that I was doing the same thing,” he said.

Through following his passions and listening to those around him, Brother Francis was able to successfully change his way of life and find his true happiness with God.

“My relationship with Jesus and Mary has allowed me to understand the meaning of music and for being in my own glory I can use the gift he has given me to find joy.”