7/21 Chapters 7 and 8
Yaniv Aronson

With the constant innovation of technology and public desire to receive information as rapidly as possible, the media industry is using a combination of numerous media platforms to spread messages to a larger audience more effectively. This is known as media convergence. “For the company, ownership of such diverse operations is the key to a synergistic mode production” (148). In other words, when a company has access to multiple forms of mass communication, such as, newspapers, radio, television, etc, then they are pursuing media convergence by using those different platforms.

Although we have reached a height in technological advances, I don’t think we will ever completely attain full media convergence. There will continue to be new inventions and new ways of incorporating different platforms of social media together in order to mass communicate.

It is clearly visible that print media has already been adapting to the present digital age. The distribution of printed newspapers has decreased and the streaming of online news coverage has increased. Journalists and experts in the mass communication field have taken advantage of the various new technologies that make information more easily and more quickly accessible to the public. Because of these new technologies, specifically the Internet, “new sites have eliminated the temporal borders in the news day” (150)

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