What is Code

“What is code” really opened my eyes to how influential technology and computer science are in the world of business and social media. Through some of my volunteering and internships with different organizations and companies, I thought I had gained a lot of insight into the workings behind these companies and organizations. However, after reading “What is code” I have realized that I was only exposed to half of the equation, and that coding and technology is so important to the everyday workings of the business world.

I also did not realize just how progressive the world of coding is and how much it is constantly changing. I previously did not know just how many different languages there are and how much they vary and how vastly different their purposes are. I thought that knowledge of computer science and coding was a golden ticket to success in today’s world of technology, I didn’t realize how quickly and constantly things are changing and how easy it is to be replaced.

It was also interesting to me that women have such a small place in the world of coding and computer science. Since this is such a new and progressive field I figured that its members would be too. The integration of women into the workforce came about the same time that computers came about, so I thought it would have made sense for this to be a field they were more equally a part of, and it was shocking to me that they are not.