Here’s How I Got Fat
Shaunta Grimes

Thoroughly enjoyed this honest and thought-provoking piece. It is really well written and while I can say that not all pieces keep me scrolling down, this one certainly did. So, thank you.

I too struggle with restraint when it comes to eating and I often wonder if I am over-compensating by eating far more than I need to. Certain elements of this piece resonated with me, but others made me a little confused. I might be getting bogged down with minor details (I don’t know) but i couldnt help but feel a sense of uncertainty of the message.

You start the piece with the line “ I saw saggy boobs and a belly roll. I saw weird hair that isn’t used to Nashville humidity. I saw a funky chicken neck that hasn’t quite gotten used to being less full” — but then some paragraphs later, you mention paying a doctor to remove 80 percent of your stomach.

I suppose I am just a little confused at the timeline and/or the message of this piece.

Like, was this picture taken AFTER you had 80 percent of your stomach removed? And, if so, you STILL felt like you saw the ‘saggy boobs, weird hair’, than how was the surgery a success? I inferred from reading this piece that while you have achieved a sense of clarity with regards to your dietary habits that you are also still displeased with your appearance? Am I off with this?

Or, have you since had the surgery (I don’t think this is the case since you attened that conference a week ago)? I am still uncertain if you feel as if your surgery was actually a success or not and the message, for me at least, was confusing.

Regardless, I enjoyed reading and wish you continued success! Your piece makes people feel a little less alone. So, thank you :)


Boston, MA

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