Join me along for the ride while I tackle 7 whiteboard challenges in 7 days!

If you’re uncertain of what a whiteboard challenge is, read an article I wrote on Whiteboard Challenging Framework to get you up to speed.


Day: 1

Medium: Digital — Figjam

Device: Digital Mirror

Allotted Time: 45 Minutes

Source: General Assembly Slack Community

Difficulty: Medium

Description: A collaborative challenge using a prompt given to us during a weekly design community meeting. …

Join me along for the ride while I tackle 7 whiteboard challenges in 7 days!

After a few months of focusing heavily on music and away from design, I decided it was time to get hands-on with a self-imposed week-long whiteboard challenge to ramp up my skills for upcoming interviews.

If you’re uncertain what a whiteboard challenge is, check out my article on Whiteboard Challenging Framework. I’ll be using this framework as I move through my daily challenges. I will begin Friday, May 14th and will continue the challenge for 7 consecutive days.


My intention for this challenge is to…

How to learn and practice whiteboard challenges for your upcoming design interviews.

The term “whiteboard challenge” might be fresh to your ears if you aren’t super familiar with UX Design. I sure as heck had never heard of it until I had already finished my design program at Flatiron School a little shy of a year ago. Unbeknownst to me back then, a whiteboard challenge is something you will likely need to master the art of in order to land any form of a design role. …

We all saw the horrifically cringey, low budget comedic performance that aired at 7 p.m. Central Tuesday evening, which some might refer to as the Presidential Debate. If you happened to miss it, get your ass on over to any of your trusty news sources (I joke I joke, I kid I kid) to stream the nonsense banter between the representative “leaders” of our nation. It’s a real shemozzle.

Navigating the Chaos

Am I the only one that feels like I witnessed a deleted scene from Anchorman (or The Truman Show) Tuesday night? The introduction to the debate alone — with its passé trumpet symphony and snide remarks from both candidates — was incontestably corny. I was low key waiting for Ashton to jump out and PUNK us. Who is in charge of running this thing? We need to have a serious talk….

I don’t know about you, but every minute of my attention directed at my 30” cable box had me feeling deluged with shame, pity, laughter, frustration, and sheer shock…

An in-depth explanation of what UX Design is, what a UX Designer does, and why we should care about the misunderstood field of UX.

UX Designer? I hardly know her…

Strangers and life long friends alike usually have no idea what the f**k I mean when I say “I’m a UX Designer,” unless perhaps they happen to be in the design realm, engineering department, or are a developer of some kind. Truth be told, a lot of companies don’t have a firm grasp on what it means to be a UX Designer or the responsibilities someone filling that position should possess.

Three years ago I didn’t have a clue wtf a UX Designer was either. Even after I gained exposure to the space, became gung-ho about making a career transition…

Since my last article was essentially the length of a thesis full of design jargon, I figured this go around I should make it a point to deliver content that is a little more absorbable (and honestly, more enticing to the average reader).

Within this article you’ll learn:

  • What a style tile is
  • Why it is useful to implement during the design process
  • Where you can find resources to help you get started
  • What elements you should include if you want to woo the sh*t out of your clients.

There might even be a few visuals peppered in here that…

Organize your design documents so you can manage projects with precision

Though file management is typically behind the scenes work, it is important not to overlook why digital organization is so essential to one’s success. Rarely do we see the backend of how designers get from point A to point B, and point B to the final product. But truthfully, arriving at point A — the foundation — is paramount. It’s basically the equivalent of yeast for an immaculately baked bread. Without it, the final product might turn out…alright…but it could have been a whole lot tastier had you spent more time on the fundamentals.

Let’s be real, we know you’re…

Courtney Pester

UX Designer, writer, singer and yogi looking to expand my horizons and learn from other leaders and creators.

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