February 27 — Midterm Presentation

My Product:

Team lunch


  • To order lunch on behalf of a company
  • Or in my case, for each employee to order lunch.
  • Reason — my platform choice is Beacon + App


When I am ordering my lunch at work, I want a simple and intuitive interface so that I don’t spend too much company time deciding on what to have.

  • My solution : large buttons, not too many options — don’t want user to think too much thus spend extra company time on their decision

User Story:

As a busy employee, I want to easily order my lunch when it’s convenient so it doesn’t take up too much time from my work schedule.

  • My solution : an option to remind the employee at a chosen time in the event they are busy at the time of the initial beacon notification.


Door Dash : https://www.doordash.com/
Grub Hub : https://www.grubhub.com/
Chewse : https://www.chewse.com/

Competitive analysis : https://docs.google.com/a/signals.ca/spreadsheets/d/1o2pmPDVm4ktUlSC2uXm3AOuRIIoCT2pFPRG9oQzBCKA/edit?usp=sharingNot all had apps to download

  • + : Home pages : simple & intuitive: Most had Sign in or Choose restaurant
  • + : Good use of social media — important in this day in age
  • – : Too much info before viewing site. eg required sign up


Flow Chart:

How it works:


1. Admin will download app and set the company up on a lunch program.

2. Admin will send invites to each employee to download this app

3. Beacons are installed at the office door entrance

4. When each employee enters the office door, the beacon will send a notification to their phone and ask if they would like to order lunch for the day.

5. Employee is taken to the app to answer (show drawn wireframes):

  • Yes — orders immediately
  • No — asked if they would like to pre order for the next lunch
  • Remind me later — sets the time they would like a reminder

6. Employee orders lunch

7. Employee & Admin receives a confirmation email

8. Employee receives text/email when lunch has arrived

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