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Wednesday, Nov. 11

Department Head Leaves

A new head of the purchasing department steps up at Mountain East Medical Center after investing in the company for 13 years.

Johnny Toler has been the assistant head of the department for 13 years and has now taken over as head manager. With a background in pharmacy, Johnny started working at Mountain East as an assistant druggist. In 1978, when the pharmacy closed, he was moved to the purchasing department where he has worked ever since.

The employees at the medical center seem optimistic about this new promotion. They are trusting that he will accomplish the tasks that are necessary to keep the purchasing department up and running with excellence.

The Toler family is deeply invested in Mountain East Medical Center. Johnny’s wife, Carolyn, is in charge of the gynecology department. These two individuals have made huge impact on the medical center. Johnny and Carolyn have two children.

“This hospital means a great deal to me and my family, and I will give my best efforts to making our purchasing department the best. I learned from a fine man –Bob Wilkinson– and I hope I can continue to build on the foundation he established,” Toler said.

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