7 ways Snapchat is used by Modern Day High Schoolers…

Credit via Snapchat

1. It is no longer just a place for quick pics…

When I was a freshmen in college that is when I first learned about Snapchat. I heard about it and downloaded it immediately thinking what a fun way to send pictures that will “never be seen again”. Thats all Snapchat was used for but now a multi-media platform that allows for users to text, send pictures, send videos and even see different types of news “short-cut” websites. Here Snapchat is taking over.

2. Snapchat is now the newest form of texting…

Since Snapchat added one of the newer features where they allow users to put text on their photos, but also allow them to have complete separate conversations aside from their picture messages. These text “messages” also are allowed the feature of “disappearing” and to never be seen again, similar to the picture messaging. This has become popular with teens all over because of the aspect of the text missing, it leaves a bit of mystery in their everyday lives apparently. If you don’t want the messages to disappear click here.

3. Facetiming on Snapchat is the new fast way…

High schoolers everywhere aren’t able to get enough of themselves in both pictures and videos so why not Facetime but in a hip more cool way through Snapchat. I’m not sure if there is really any difference between the normal iPhone Facetime and the Snapchat Facetime… rather than the Facetime on Snapchat you are in a circular picture and to be honest a lot more blurry. But hey, I think it is used because it is quick and right on the ap in which they are already on.

4. Snapchat holds all bragging rights…

Snapchat allows the users to have quick and direct bragging rights of what they are doing to all their friends. The idea of a “Snapchat story” allows users to post what they are doing at any moment without sending it directly to anyone, because that would be giving one individual too much attention according to my 15 year old sister. Putting content on your story allows these teens to nonchalantly brag how awesome their lives are, instantly, to all their Snapchat “friends”. Take a look below, you can see all the most recent story updates. Here are some tips on how to make your story better.

5. But why did they take away top friends…?

Coming from a first generation user of Snapchat, forget all the fancy features they have now and bring back the idea of “top friends”. These current day users have no idea what Snapchat was originally used for, to see who was talking to who. Another feature of top friends was that this was a way of assuming what someone was up to prior to the “feature” of the story. These current users really are missing out. Here is a article why.

6. News! News! READ ALL ABOUT IT….!

At least Snapchat is allowing these young users to become more aware of what is going on in the world. They allow several different news sponsors ranging from ESPN to People to iHeart Radio to Cosmo to much much more. These “news features” allow for the news to be watched in Snapchat form, with a series of of 10–15 second pieces that make it quick and to the attention span of these young kids. They are able to just click their way through it and even if they find it interesting can send it to their friends… via Snapchat texting of course. Here is 12 brands on Snapchat.

7. Onto the Filters…

Snapchat has now allowed users to have filters on their photos that allow humor or goofy images into their daily lives. I must admit these filters are pretty fun to play with, you are able to swap your face with a friends or even put Justin Bieber’s face on yours. You could turn your face into a dog (which I find as the most popular one). These filters allow users to add some spice to their conversations in a fun and funny manner. I posted a photo of my dad and I as the dog filter. I believe this is the best part of Snapchat.

So what is the meaning of all of this Snapchat business?

I am not sure, I am not even sure what direction it is going in but it is easy to say I wouldn’t be surprised if Snapchat was going to make their own cellphone. From observing several Snapchat users in the teenage generation right now, you can’t lift their faces from their Snapchat aps, that or they are sending you photos as a way of communication. I find it all a bit crazy and self obsessive. Text messaging has completely disappeared. I know when reaching out to most teenagers I am close with these days to send them a Snapchat and hopefully they respond. Apple better watch it’s back… Snapchat is here and holding hostages.

**All photos are screenshots from my own phone.

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